The Music of Roman Ryterband

By Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (other events)

Sunday, May 21 2017 4:00 PM 5:00 PM

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and

USC Polish Music Center present

Polish Composer and Holocaust Survivor

Roman Ryterband was born in Lodz, Poland in 1914. Touring in France when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the talented young composer was able to board the last train to Switzerland before the border was closed. Except for his sister and her son, his entire family perished in the Holocaust. 
A master of the chamber ensemble, Roman Ryterband lived and worked in Switzerland, Montreal, and Chicago before settling in Palm Springs. In 2016, his family donated an extensive collection of his personal correspondence and musical manuscripts to the USC Polish Music Center. 


Nic Gerpe, piano                                                                                     Chandler Yu, violin
Kirsten Ashley Wiest, soprano
Ko Ni Choi, harp


Deux Images (Two Images) (1943)
Ko Ni Choi, harp

Trois Ballades Hebraiques (Three Hebrew Ballades) (1946)
Z Polskich Niw (Song of the Plains of Poland) (1944)
Chandler Yu, violin, and Nic Gerpe, piano

Three Hebrew Songs (1938)
Two American Songs (undated)
Spring of Love - Concerto Waltz (undated)
Kirsten Ashley Wiest, soprano, and Nic Gerpe, piano